We’ve just been advised that House Bill 419 has been withdrawn from consideration for the upcoming legislative session in Tallahassee.   As you may recall, House Bill 419 contained provisions allowing the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to examine and inspect the property, books and records of almost any condominium, cooperative, timeshare, or mobile home park in Florida at any time and for any reason (or for no reason) whatsoever.   The bill also would have prohibited weekday meetings of the Board of Directors of condominium and cooperative associations from being held before 6:00 p.m.   In addition, no association would be permitted to make any contribution to a charitable organization unless that association received a direct benefit from that charitable organization. 

Apparently, proposed amendments to the statutes governing ROCs will be found in substitute Senate Bills 1196 and 1222 that have now been introduced and are making their way through the committee process.

We’ll keep you posted.