Department of Business and Professional Regulation

In the week or so since my last entry, I’ve been contacted by managers and board members from several resident owned cooperatives who have received notices about the new recent requirement for mandatory homeowners associations to register with the State. 

I want to clarify that condominium associations formed under Florida Statute Chapter 718 and cooperative

I was just forwarded a press release from Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation announcing the creation of its website for mandatory homeowners’ associations to register online.

As my blog readers may recall, Florida’s legislature recently passed a law that for the first time requires all mandatory homeowners’ associations (governed under Chapter 720 of

We’ve just been advised that House Bill 419 has been withdrawn from consideration for the upcoming legislative session in Tallahassee.   As you may recall, House Bill 419 contained provisions allowing the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to examine and inspect the property, books and records of almost any condominium, cooperative, timeshare, or mobile home park in Florida