Here’s a wild situation that apparently occurred in a ROC in Florida as reported by one of my community association law colleagues:

Every director on the board of condominium association resigned rather than respond to a unit owner’s request to inspect the association’s official records.   I’m sure we’re all wondering what these directors were

We are now well into our "season" in Florida and most resident owned communities will be holding their annual meetings during the next few months.  It’s thus a very good time to remind my blog readers that are members of condominium or cooperative associations of some of the important differences between ballots and proxies:

  • In general

One of my blog readers recently emailed me and wanted to know whether Florida’s "Sunshine Law" applies to meetings between less than a quorum of the members of the board of directors of an ROC.

Many members of resident owned communities incorrectly believe that the meetings of their ROC board or ROC committees are governed by Florida’s