Good morning, everyone!  Hope all of you are enjoying the summer whether you are still in Florida or “up North”.

Just a brief blog post to let you know that the DBPR has updated the fees that can be charged for estoppel certificates.

A fee of not more than $299 can be charged for preparation and delivery of an estoppel certificate that’s not a “rush” delivery.

If the estoppel certificate is requested on an expedited basis and delivered within 3 business days, an additional $119 can be added to the fee.

If the unit or parcel has delinquent amounts owed to the association, an additional fee not to exceed $179 can be added.

The fees for multiple units or parcels owned by the same owner also have been increased and those fees (as well as the others mentioned above) can be viewed at this link to the DBPR site:

The statute in Chapter 719 governing estoppel certificates for cooperative associations authorizes the DBPR to adjust the fees for these certificates every five years so, unless there is a change in the statutes, the next adjustment will occur in the summer of 2027.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.

Stay safe and healthy and let’s hope for a quiet and boring hurricane season!